Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chota Bheem Janmashatmi Pogo Episode

Watch Online Chota Bheem Janmashatmi Pogo Episode
This is the article about Chota Bheem. And here we have the episode of (Janmashatmi Pogo). This story begins with the village of Dholakpur. Janmashatmi is the old friend and also the old citizen of Dholakpur but she had gone to other city. She was thinking about her birthday. But she thinks that without friends the birthday will be so bore. She really missed Bheem, Rajo, Jaggo and Chutki but then she decide that she will go to Dholakpur and there she will celebrate he birthday. There Bheem and his friends want to make a celebration in the Dholakpur city and they went to the palace of king to discuss with him. He also accepts to celebrate a party then they want to make a stage show in this party. They divide roles of the characters and start practice for it. Here Janmashatmi also start journey to come Dholakpur and celebrate her birthday here. In the way she needs some rest that’s why she take some rest there and start Bansury. There were two Rakshas they were slept but by the Bansury they wakeup and when they see her. They recall the revenge and want to get it now. They attack on her but she was also very powerful and magical. She protects her self from their every attack. Then she again starts her journey towards Dholakpur. They were also behind her to chase her and take their revenge. Here they start the stage show every character play great role and then those two Rakshas also entered in the show. Bheem fight with them and beat them after that they played many game and celebrate the birthday of Janmashatmi.  

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