Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chota Bheem - T20 Cricket Match

Watch Chota Bheem - T20 Cricket Match Episode

This is the article about Chota Bheem cartoon. Here you will read the story of episode (20- 20 Cricket). This story begins with the village of Pehelwanpur. Bheem and his friends come here and want to go back to their village but they see Kichak and his friends playing cricket. Raju appreciate the bating of Kichak and then said that Kichak let me also to play with you. Kichak make fun of him that you can play cricket. Have you ever hold bat in hand, now you want to play cricket. Rajo become very angry because Kichak was very proud full person. Rajo give him challenge that on Sunday we will have T20 match in Dholakpur. Bheem and his friends back to village and here they discuss with other friends. Then they decide to select team members by testing their bating. Fielding and bowling. Bheem test his friends and then make his team included Kalia, Dholo, Bholo, Raju, Jaggo, Chutki, Bheem and the daughter of king. They started practice for their 20- 20 match with the team of Pehelwanpur. Game started on Sunday in Dholakpur. Most of the people come to watch the match. The kings of the cities also were there. Bheem win the toss and elected to bat first. Bheem and his friends work hard by doing such amazing bating and made 150 run in 20 over. After that Kichak team start his bating and they also work hard to beat the team of Dholakpur. Because they have promised that the team who lose will become chicken in front of the villagers. Anyway finally Bheem and his friends win the match and make the team of Pehelwanpur chickens in front of all the people. Morel: Don’t make fun of someone because practice make perfect. And avoid your self from proud.

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